Weekly Letter 7-8-2013


Mi Familia,


This last week I met President Henderson and his wife. We once again traveled to La Merced for a Multizone conference. Hermana Henderson doesn´t speak a lot of spanish but she is really funny. Before this they were missionaries in Columbia, Ecuador, and I can´t remember where else but he was a traveling doctor for the mission. They are really great! There is also a blog where they will be posting pictures its




Or at least thats what I think it is. If it doesn´t work try rearranging the words…

but yeah… so that was fun!


The changing in climates. Humid, hot in La Merced to the dry cold has now made my companion a little sick. I am still slightly sick but doing better. I haven´t really told you a lot about my companion. Hermana Ibarra is 26 years old. She joined the church in Bolivia when she was 20 years old. She is one of eight children. Part of her family got baptised but not all. She is extremely obidient. Thanks to her I now actually do my exercises in the morning and will hopefully not come back a fatty. ha ha… She is always a really good example to me. She has 1 year in the mission.


This week I learned that you should not give up on people. Always keep going back to visit. One day this past week all our appointments fell through for the day and it was eight at night, we were walking around in the dark, freezing, and not really knowing where to go next. My companion had the idea to go visit this girl that was a contact. She told me that they always went to go and visit this girl, Daisy with the Previous missionary that was here before me. However, whenever they went to visit she always said that she didn´t have time or another day. Another day. Another day. I kinda laughed thinking that we just going to get rejected but yeah lets go! We don´t have anyone else that lives close by. So we went and knocked on the door and found her brother. He let us in! We started talking and ended up teaching the restoration. And his sister came in just after we started. He was super interested and almost seemed a little shocked about Joseph Smith. We definetly sparked an interest in them. And Micheal (the brother) was super exited to recieve the book of mormon. They both agreed to be baptised if they got an answer from God that is was true. I felt the spirit super strong in the lesson. And it totally made our day. We got to go home smiling. Sometimes we have to wait till the very last hour of the day to find the people that will listen. Work till the very last hour. I was ready to give after a long day of walking but we kept going and the Lord blessed us. I also didn´t think that this girl was going to listen but she did.

Always listen to prompting! Its not by chance. Its by the spirit.


Also I ate a guinea pig this week and it was gross! I could still see its hairs!


I love you all! A lot!

I think of you often! Take care



Hermana Brittany Polatis

P day in La merced. Con mi Mama! Ha ha well mama in the mission (below)


My zone with the new president and his wife (below)


Hermana Henderson and the hermanas from La Merced y Tarma (below)



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