Weekly Letter 7-1-2013: Gringa!



¿Como están?… Today is my first official day in mission Huancayo! woohoo! There was a big dance in Huancayo on saturday to welcome the New President and a lot of the members went but we didn´t get to go. We are all curious to know who is the new president and what all the new rules will be. Unfortunatly the wackiness in weather here has left me looking like Rudolph. One because I got sunburned and two because I got sick from the cold and my nose is like unto a water faucet. Its really really cold in the morning and night but hot enough to get a sunburn in the afternoon.
Tarma is an adventure. This week a member had a few references for us. So met up with him and walked up this big hill… then up 215 stairs… then off onto this hiking trail… In my mind I couldn´t help but think that he was taking us off into the middle of the woods to kill us or something…because there is no way that people live way here where you would have to walk up 215 stairs… yes I counted them. My legs felt like jello afterward. But yeah he introduced us to a few of his friends. We taught this lady that didn´t really understand anything we talked about. That is kinda a big problem here a lot of people don´t understand. We have to read the scripture like 3 or 4 times. It makes our lessons really long! Its also a joke here that if they married here they are the chosen ones of the Lord because there are not very many people that are married.
This area is pretty tough. People here are very religous and have a lot of tradition. I swear everyone here is catholic! The old people here are pretty mean here too. In Lima and Huanuco we got rejected and all but politely. Here the old people like bash us and go off quoting the bible. Thats when I stop listening… ha ha its so boring. They go off forever! The other day this lady went off calling us liars and blah blah blah blah blah… Its kinda awful. She yelled at us till we left the street. Its not easy to find God´s chosen children. But the only thing to do is to keep pressing forward.
People here are funny. Sometimes people walk by me and all the say is gringa. Its like me walking around and saying brown person! The little old ladys call me Muñeca or Muñecita. Which means doll or little doll. The other day I contacted this lady that lives way up in the mountains. You can´t take cars up there. You have to ride horses. I don´t think she has ever seen a white person before ha ha… When I gave her the customary kiss on the cheek goodbye she won´t let me go and was like petting my eye and my face! And saying muñecita! People here are loco! ha ha…
My pensionista, Carly is really great. She like hats. She changes her hat like 2 or 3 times a day. Warm beanies for in the morning and night and her sun hats for the afternoon. She has 2 kids. Kimi and Erik. They constantly question me. What is your name… Why can´t you tell me your name?  How do you say cat in english? Why do you have moles? Why are your eyes blue? question, question… They are funny. They also have this cat named Meechy. He is crazy and likes to attack me.To my surprise I only have one battle wound from him.
Anyways! life is good… I am getting over my sickness and feeling better. i don´t have to much to say about our investigators because they are not really progressing right now. Slowly but surely. We are teaching this Lady named Carmen and her son Mikel. They will most likely get baptised but didn´t come to church yesterday and were really budy in the night and so we had to change our teaching appointment. But we are reading the Book of Mormon with them and they accept everything that we have been teaching them.
Well until next week! Love you all!
Hermana Brittany Polatis

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