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Weekly Letter 7.29.2013:


Dear family,

Wow! Sounds like you guys had quite the adventure in Lake Lowell as usual. Ha ha sounds like the normal Polatis Family Vacation. ha ha…

This week was kinda crazy. All week people were celebrating día de Peru y día de Tarma. There were parties, people dancing in the streets in their native dresses and all. There were also parades and music. I got to see one of the parades because it passed through my area. Unfortunalty, we didn´t have very much success. It was pretty hard to find people to teach. Kind of a bummer. But thats the mission. You have really good weeks and really bad weeks. Thats just kind of the way things go. Our investigator, Rocio that was supposed to get baptised this week is still unsure so we have to put it off. They are tons and tons of less actives here too. We have been visiting them a lot but don´t seem to be making a lot of progress. I learning to have a lot of patience with people. Don´t you understand that this is your salvation we are talking about here!! ha ha. We really need the help of the members to activate these people. We can´t do it by ourselves.

I am sending you some pictures of my P day from last week. We drove way up in the mountains to these ruins. There are all these houses made out of rocks. It was really cold but really beautiful. There are still a lot of people that live way up high in the mountains in their little villages. They have their sheep and cows and basically live in mud houses. It was really fun.


Love you all lots! Thanks for all your letters! I didn´t really have time to reply to many because they were all kinda long. But know that I am thinking of you always and I love you!

Hermana Brittany Polatis





For p day we went to these ruins way way way up in the mountains. The incas always lived on the very top of the mountains. Never in the valleys. Thats why Machu Pichu is so high up on the tippy top of the mountain.


Weekly Letter 7.22.2013: Its hot and its cold… Our investigators say yes and then no…


Querido Familia,


This week went really well for my companion and I. We had twice as many lessons as we normally have. It was awesome! The Lord has really blessed us. Hopefully, we will be seeing a baptism in the next 2 weeks! In my last letter I told you about Rocio. We are preparing her for baptism on the 3rd of August. She is kinda scared and says it is really fast but feels that everything we have taught is true. She has a really rough past and has had 2 husbands that haven´t treated her very well and she is looking to change her life and wants to be closer to God. She had another dream too. But this one not so good. She takes her dreams really seriously. One day when we were trying to find her we met her son Luis. He has attended many different churches and got baptised in a different church but says he doesn´t know who has the truth. We were like oh wow! Perfect! Lets teach him the restoration. He is really awesome. He is really smart and is very teachable. He has a very firm and strong testimony of God and Jesus Christ. He acepted to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and acepted to be baptised if he feels that is right. Hopefully Luis and his mother, Rocio can be baptised together. They are our golden investigators right now.


Remember in Jacob when God says ¨what more can I do for my vineyard?¨ Sometimes I feel like that too. What more can I do for these people. You can only teach people and try to help them and be their friend but they are the ones that have to make the choices on whether or not they are going to change. They are the ones that choose to acept or reject. We have quite a few eternal investigators. And sometimes its hard not to feel discouarged thinking that you didn´t say the right things and not really knowing what more you can do to help. I guess it helps me understand a little more about how God feels about us. His love for us and how he wants to help us but we are the ones that have to make the decisions.


This week we also had interviews with our new President. He is super awesome! Plus I really love that I can talk in English with him! Sometimes I really miss talking in english.


Tarma is good. I really don´t know if it is summer or winter here. Some people say that it is summer and others say that it is winter! Its because the weather here is really wierd. I guess that it has been a lot colder this year than normal and it rained a lot this week which is not normal here for this time of year. But it is freezing cold in the night and in the morning but in the afternoon it gets really hot. I never know how to dress myself here because one moment I am sweating hotting and the next an ice cold wind hits us. I don´t understand….


!Siga adelante!


Love ya lots! Take care on your crazy family vacation!




Hermana Brittany Polatis


Weekly Letter 7.15.2013

Dear Family,

Ha ha mom I finally got the very first letter you sent to me. Apparently, you sent it through Dear Elder before I even left home. Well this week went well for us. I did up spending 2 days traveling and 1 day in Lima for immigrations. I got my license card thing to live here. And hopefully I don´t have to make another journey to Lima for another year. It was really wierd because I was around all of these north americans and they were all speaking in english. And I don´t know…I was just really wierded out being around a lot of white people, speaking english. It kind of made me feel really trunky because they were all talking about all the things that they miss from the United States. I actually ended up sticking with an Hermana from Mexico most of the time and talking with her. We stayed in a hotel, and visited the temple. We didn´t go in but went to the distribution center.
I am now back in Tarma, hard at work. Yesterday, I gave a talk in church about mission work. The president likes us to talk once a month in the branch about mission work. Our branch president is really good and so is our mission leader. Our mission leader helps us a lot. He talks to everyone and their dog and has friends of all ages. I never realized growing up in Mormonville how important the members and support of the mission leader is for the missionarys. I guess I never really shared the gospel with anyone before I left because all my friends were Mormon. The mission has been really good for me because it has opened my eyes to the world and the importance of missionary work. I have learned a lot.
We have a new investigator named Rocio. She is a single mother with 3 children. She is a reference from a member. She is awesome! She is progressing and reading the book of mormon. She is one the those people that are truly searching for truth. She is searching for what is right. She told us about this dream she had that is really cool. She said that she was walking along this path, way up in the mountains. But it kept getting smaller and smaller. There were also these really big boulders in her path. But then a man came (she said is was very beautiful) and lifted her up over the boulders and obstacles in her way. My companion gave her 1 nephi 8 to read. And we talked about the symbolism of her dream and talked about Lehi´s dream. I know that Rocio is one of those people that has been prepared to recieve us.
I love you all
Thanks for all the letters!
Hermana Polatis


Weekly Letter 7-8-2013


Mi Familia,


This last week I met President Henderson and his wife. We once again traveled to La Merced for a Multizone conference. Hermana Henderson doesn´t speak a lot of spanish but she is really funny. Before this they were missionaries in Columbia, Ecuador, and I can´t remember where else but he was a traveling doctor for the mission. They are really great! There is also a blog where they will be posting pictures its


Or at least thats what I think it is. If it doesn´t work try rearranging the words…

but yeah… so that was fun!


The changing in climates. Humid, hot in La Merced to the dry cold has now made my companion a little sick. I am still slightly sick but doing better. I haven´t really told you a lot about my companion. Hermana Ibarra is 26 years old. She joined the church in Bolivia when she was 20 years old. She is one of eight children. Part of her family got baptised but not all. She is extremely obidient. Thanks to her I now actually do my exercises in the morning and will hopefully not come back a fatty. ha ha… She is always a really good example to me. She has 1 year in the mission.


This week I learned that you should not give up on people. Always keep going back to visit. One day this past week all our appointments fell through for the day and it was eight at night, we were walking around in the dark, freezing, and not really knowing where to go next. My companion had the idea to go visit this girl that was a contact. She told me that they always went to go and visit this girl, Daisy with the Previous missionary that was here before me. However, whenever they went to visit she always said that she didn´t have time or another day. Another day. Another day. I kinda laughed thinking that we just going to get rejected but yeah lets go! We don´t have anyone else that lives close by. So we went and knocked on the door and found her brother. He let us in! We started talking and ended up teaching the restoration. And his sister came in just after we started. He was super interested and almost seemed a little shocked about Joseph Smith. We definetly sparked an interest in them. And Micheal (the brother) was super exited to recieve the book of mormon. They both agreed to be baptised if they got an answer from God that is was true. I felt the spirit super strong in the lesson. And it totally made our day. We got to go home smiling. Sometimes we have to wait till the very last hour of the day to find the people that will listen. Work till the very last hour. I was ready to give after a long day of walking but we kept going and the Lord blessed us. I also didn´t think that this girl was going to listen but she did.

Always listen to prompting! Its not by chance. Its by the spirit.


Also I ate a guinea pig this week and it was gross! I could still see its hairs!


I love you all! A lot!

I think of you often! Take care



Hermana Brittany Polatis

P day in La merced. Con mi Mama! Ha ha well mama in the mission (below)


My zone with the new president and his wife (below)


Hermana Henderson and the hermanas from La Merced y Tarma (below)


Weekly Letter 7-1-2013: Gringa!



¿Como están?… Today is my first official day in mission Huancayo! woohoo! There was a big dance in Huancayo on saturday to welcome the New President and a lot of the members went but we didn´t get to go. We are all curious to know who is the new president and what all the new rules will be. Unfortunatly the wackiness in weather here has left me looking like Rudolph. One because I got sunburned and two because I got sick from the cold and my nose is like unto a water faucet. Its really really cold in the morning and night but hot enough to get a sunburn in the afternoon.
Tarma is an adventure. This week a member had a few references for us. So met up with him and walked up this big hill… then up 215 stairs… then off onto this hiking trail… In my mind I couldn´t help but think that he was taking us off into the middle of the woods to kill us or something…because there is no way that people live way here where you would have to walk up 215 stairs… yes I counted them. My legs felt like jello afterward. But yeah he introduced us to a few of his friends. We taught this lady that didn´t really understand anything we talked about. That is kinda a big problem here a lot of people don´t understand. We have to read the scripture like 3 or 4 times. It makes our lessons really long! Its also a joke here that if they married here they are the chosen ones of the Lord because there are not very many people that are married.
This area is pretty tough. People here are very religous and have a lot of tradition. I swear everyone here is catholic! The old people here are pretty mean here too. In Lima and Huanuco we got rejected and all but politely. Here the old people like bash us and go off quoting the bible. Thats when I stop listening… ha ha its so boring. They go off forever! The other day this lady went off calling us liars and blah blah blah blah blah… Its kinda awful. She yelled at us till we left the street. Its not easy to find God´s chosen children. But the only thing to do is to keep pressing forward.
People here are funny. Sometimes people walk by me and all the say is gringa. Its like me walking around and saying brown person! The little old ladys call me Muñeca or Muñecita. Which means doll or little doll. The other day I contacted this lady that lives way up in the mountains. You can´t take cars up there. You have to ride horses. I don´t think she has ever seen a white person before ha ha… When I gave her the customary kiss on the cheek goodbye she won´t let me go and was like petting my eye and my face! And saying muñecita! People here are loco! ha ha…
My pensionista, Carly is really great. She like hats. She changes her hat like 2 or 3 times a day. Warm beanies for in the morning and night and her sun hats for the afternoon. She has 2 kids. Kimi and Erik. They constantly question me. What is your name… Why can´t you tell me your name?  How do you say cat in english? Why do you have moles? Why are your eyes blue? question, question… They are funny. They also have this cat named Meechy. He is crazy and likes to attack me.To my surprise I only have one battle wound from him.
Anyways! life is good… I am getting over my sickness and feeling better. i don´t have to much to say about our investigators because they are not really progressing right now. Slowly but surely. We are teaching this Lady named Carmen and her son Mikel. They will most likely get baptised but didn´t come to church yesterday and were really budy in the night and so we had to change our teaching appointment. But we are reading the Book of Mormon with them and they accept everything that we have been teaching them.
Well until next week! Love you all!
Hermana Brittany Polatis