Weekly Letter 6-3-2013


Dear family,


This week I went through a training with the President… All the new missionaries went through it because a lot of us are going to be training next transfer. Which is in two weeks. The President asked me if I am ready… ha ha no… This is bad. I really hope I am not training next transfer. I am ok in my Spanish but there are still a lot of things that I don`t understand. These last two weeks of my training I am compañera mayor. I have to start making more of the decisions and what not. Its kinda stressful for me to think about.


Santa Felicia is good. We teach a lot of people in the temple grounds. On Saturday I saw my pensionista Lili and her family in the temple. i also saw some other people from the ward in Huanuco. It was great. So we keep meeting people on the street that want to get baptised! But none of them are in our area!!! Bah! But we have 5 investigators with baptismal date. The problem that we are experiencing here is trying to get investigators to church. Since I am in a very wealthy area, everyone is always studying and working and never home.


We are teaching this lady that is a buddhist and is crazy and never stops talking! Yesterday she came to church with us and we took her to the gospel doctrines class and she starts going off about reincarnation and karma. Ha ha the poor teacher! She likes to talk about miracles and the laying on of hands.


In the mission I kinda feel like stalker. Seriously… Remember the investigator I told you about before that is named Jorge. And we kept seeing him over and over again with his mother. Well we hadn´t seen him for awhile so I called him up and asked if he had time to talk with us. Well he didn´t show up to the temple where we planned to meet and we don`t know where he lives so we decided to go look for some people that were references. Well there we are just walking along and there he is! Ha ha I think that I thinks we are spys or stalkers or something because we always end up finding him and seeing him everywhere. But yeah I don´t know. He is kinda flaky and doesn´t show up to a lot of appointments so yeah…


Hopefully we are going to have a baptism on Sunday. It all depends if he shows up to church! His name is Abdon. I told you guys about him in my last letter. He is gold. He is praying and reading the book of mormon. Ha ha the first time he came to church was the funniest! He was terrified! We just need to find him some friends.


Oh and next week I won´t be writing till Thursday because my is going to the temple that day so they changed our p-day


Love you all!

Till next week



Hermana Brittany Polatis


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