Weekly Letter 6.24.2013: Huancayo, Peru Mission! Tarma!


Dear Family,

Once again there were transfers and once again I got transfered. I am now in the Huancayo, Peru mission! I am way up high in the mountains in a place called Tarma. My area is called el milagro, which means the miracle. I spent all day on Wednesday travelling here. We went up and up and up. The other day we were running home to get to our apartment before curfew and I was dying. I couldn´t run. The altitude here is ridiculous. I feel like someone is squeezing my heart! Going up stairs is a killer. My new companion is Hermana Ibarra. She is from Bolivia. She is really short! She only comes up to my nose. And I thought that I was short! Ha ha… She is really good but very quiet. Her voice is very soft. I am constantly like WHAT!? WHAT DID YOU SAY!? No hermana I understand you, I just can´t hear you!

Right now I am in La Merced. La Merced is about an hour from Tarma. Tarma is freezing cold but here it is really hot and humid. We are in La Merced for P day and tomorrow we are having a conference here with President Ardila. To say goodbye and all… My new President is President Henderson. I have not yet met him but I will prabobly meet him in July. I don´t know. La Mered is Jungle and probably one of the prettiest places I have ever been. The internet here is really slow…

Yesterday I also went to the broadcast of the missionary training. I loved it! Tarma is very tranquil. There is not a lot of traffic or people here. It looks simular to Huanuco but a lot cleaner and less people. Its very pretty but poor. There are not a lot of members here. We just have a little branch. Yesterday I spoke in church. Just a 5 minute talk about the light of Christ. So every Sunday we eat with members right. I kinda of dread it sometimes. Yesterday, I ate cow stomach. Then I got sick and my companion too. At the time I didn´t know what I was eating and I was afraid to ask what it was. But I should it done with my corn and potatoes. Its like chewing on fat. Never again! Please. Its very cold in the nights and mornings here and feels good in the afternoon normally. I sleep with like 5 thick blankets and study with with coat on and sweat pants under my skirt.


Well thats my week!

I love you lots!

Hermana Polatis



 The mountains and Hermana Ibarra



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