Weekly Letter 6.17.2013: Peru…..my love


¡Hola mi familia!

It has only been four days since I last wrote you. Awaiting anxiously for transfers to see what happens. Training or not training. In mission Lima East or Mission Huancayo. Life is good though. Its really hard to be a missionary on the holidays. Everyone cancels on you. Yesterday all our investigators cancelled so we ended up just visiting members and less actives the whole day. Curse el día de padre!! ha ha just kidding. I am very grateful for you dad! Its been really hard in this area to help our investigators progress. They are all so busy and mostly have time on the weekend and sometimes not even on the weekend. We have quite a few investigators that are just so close to being able to be baptised but yeah…then they don`t show up. Patience… Patience…But its little by little I suppose. We teach a lot of crazy people here. We have a few snakes… I think they just like us to come and visit. But we have some really great investigators too. Their progress is just extremely slow…

Its been really rainy here and freezing… but its not really rain its more like you are walking through a mist. I always feel like all my stuff is slightly damp in my apartment.

I can`t say that I have too much to report… We got to go to the temple on Thursday with my zone. My area is one of the more difficult ones in the mission but I feel grateful that I get to walk by the temple 6 or 7 times a day and teach our investigators there. And I finally got to go in on Thursday! It was really good.

So its funny because I am kinda in this stage where I can speak spanish ok and understand almost everything. But sometimes I get confused. Apparently the other week when I talked in church. I was a little nervous. I was talking to one of the members yesterday and she said that I said in the Doctrina y convenios sección 600… ha ha ummmm I don´t think that there is a section 600. Ha ha… People always laugh at me when I talk on the phone too. ha ha Its hard to tell what they are saying on phone but my companions always make me practice calling people. A lot of the time I am like what……. can you repeat that!

Well until next week…

Love you all lots!


Hermana Brittany Polatis


Mi Zona


So I usually study with my blanket and socks and slippers and sometimes my sweat pants under my dress… ha ha. Its a lot colder here than I thought and I am really happy I brought warm clothes.




Me and Hermana Bautista


Me in front of a local painting… ha ha The other day this guy was painting this and we stopped and to him. I don`t really know what the painting is supposed to mean but yeah its funny… ha ha



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