Weekly Letter 6-13-2013:Agua Fría, New Companion, and trapped in the chapel!



Dear Family,


My week has been loco! Yup… So there we were just walking down the street. Going home after a really bad day of not finding anyone and there are the Elders from the office with a new north american missionary with them. Hermana Soliz this is your new companion! You leave to Huancayo tomorrow at six thirty am. Hermana Polatis, your new companion is Hermana Bautista! Uhhhh what!? Yeah I have a new companion and I think on Tuesday that I might be changing again. The mission is spliting this next week and like a billion Hermanas are coming in. I might or might not be in this mission…. Waiting to find out is kinda driving me crazy. What is going to happen next? There have been a lot of emergency transfers in the last few weeks. The mission is insane. I am not joking… ha ha but everything is good. Winter has hit Lima. I have been wearing my coat a lot. Usually its freezing in the morning and the night and perfect during the day. I never know whether to dress for warm or cold because it changes a lot. Our water heater thing wouldn´t work this week either so I am always cold and shower in the ice cold but it is fixed now! I have never been so grateful for hot water in my life!


I have been directing our area this past week. Its a pretty hard because my companion doesn´t know anything about this area and I have only been here 5 weeks. The first few days were kinda rough but it has been getting better. My companion is from Peru and has 9 months in the mission. She is really nice and pretty soft spoken. We get along great! On Tuesday after zone meeting we went to the bathroom and when we came out everyone was gone and everything was locked up. In Peru, all the chapels are gated with poky thorns at the top. We were totally locked in with no phone or anything. My idea was to jump it but my companion is a lot smarter than me and we called out to this lady passing in the street and asked if we could use her phone. I am pretty sure she thought we were crazy but let us borrow her cell phone. She just happens to be Jehovah´s Witness… Ha ha all the Elders were laughing at us that we got locked in. They had a member come get us out.


I haven´t told you guys about Juan. Juan is a recent convert that got baptised basically because he was in love with the sister missionary that taught him… And he is crazy. Like for real. Our conversations usually go like this…

Juan- Hermana I don´t want to go to church!

me- Hermano Juan! Por que!

Juan- I don´t know!

me- Por que?

Juan- I don´t know! because the devil is on my shoulder telling me not to.

me- Well I am the angel on the other shoulder! Telling you that you need to!


He really likes to talk about the devil. He told me that he is going to highlight everything about the devil in the scriptures in red! I told him that he better hightlight everything about Jesus in yellow. He also likes to talk about how he is going to be a hippy in Cali and do drugs and live the life. He is 47 years old and very strange. We visit him a lot because he wants us to and he is lonely because he doesn´t work but is at home all day.


Our investigators are good. Slowly progressing. Very slowly. Because everyone is always working and studying and all. They never have time. I am learning to have patience. Lots or patience.


Well until Monday!

Love you all a lot a lot!




Hermana Brittany Polatis


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