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Weekly Letter 6.24.2013: Huancayo, Peru Mission! Tarma!


Dear Family,

Once again there were transfers and once again I got transfered. I am now in the Huancayo, Peru mission! I am way up high in the mountains in a place called Tarma. My area is called el milagro, which means the miracle. I spent all day on Wednesday travelling here. We went up and up and up. The other day we were running home to get to our apartment before curfew and I was dying. I couldn´t run. The altitude here is ridiculous. I feel like someone is squeezing my heart! Going up stairs is a killer. My new companion is Hermana Ibarra. She is from Bolivia. She is really short! She only comes up to my nose. And I thought that I was short! Ha ha… She is really good but very quiet. Her voice is very soft. I am constantly like WHAT!? WHAT DID YOU SAY!? No hermana I understand you, I just can´t hear you!

Right now I am in La Merced. La Merced is about an hour from Tarma. Tarma is freezing cold but here it is really hot and humid. We are in La Merced for P day and tomorrow we are having a conference here with President Ardila. To say goodbye and all… My new President is President Henderson. I have not yet met him but I will prabobly meet him in July. I don´t know. La Mered is Jungle and probably one of the prettiest places I have ever been. The internet here is really slow…

Yesterday I also went to the broadcast of the missionary training. I loved it! Tarma is very tranquil. There is not a lot of traffic or people here. It looks simular to Huanuco but a lot cleaner and less people. Its very pretty but poor. There are not a lot of members here. We just have a little branch. Yesterday I spoke in church. Just a 5 minute talk about the light of Christ. So every Sunday we eat with members right. I kinda of dread it sometimes. Yesterday, I ate cow stomach. Then I got sick and my companion too. At the time I didn´t know what I was eating and I was afraid to ask what it was. But I should it done with my corn and potatoes. Its like chewing on fat. Never again! Please. Its very cold in the nights and mornings here and feels good in the afternoon normally. I sleep with like 5 thick blankets and study with with coat on and sweat pants under my skirt.


Well thats my week!

I love you lots!

Hermana Polatis



 The mountains and Hermana Ibarra



Weekly Letter 6.17.2013: Peru… love


¡Hola mi familia!

It has only been four days since I last wrote you. Awaiting anxiously for transfers to see what happens. Training or not training. In mission Lima East or Mission Huancayo. Life is good though. Its really hard to be a missionary on the holidays. Everyone cancels on you. Yesterday all our investigators cancelled so we ended up just visiting members and less actives the whole day. Curse el día de padre!! ha ha just kidding. I am very grateful for you dad! Its been really hard in this area to help our investigators progress. They are all so busy and mostly have time on the weekend and sometimes not even on the weekend. We have quite a few investigators that are just so close to being able to be baptised but yeah…then they don`t show up. Patience… Patience…But its little by little I suppose. We teach a lot of crazy people here. We have a few snakes… I think they just like us to come and visit. But we have some really great investigators too. Their progress is just extremely slow…

Its been really rainy here and freezing… but its not really rain its more like you are walking through a mist. I always feel like all my stuff is slightly damp in my apartment.

I can`t say that I have too much to report… We got to go to the temple on Thursday with my zone. My area is one of the more difficult ones in the mission but I feel grateful that I get to walk by the temple 6 or 7 times a day and teach our investigators there. And I finally got to go in on Thursday! It was really good.

So its funny because I am kinda in this stage where I can speak spanish ok and understand almost everything. But sometimes I get confused. Apparently the other week when I talked in church. I was a little nervous. I was talking to one of the members yesterday and she said that I said in the Doctrina y convenios sección 600… ha ha ummmm I don´t think that there is a section 600. Ha ha… People always laugh at me when I talk on the phone too. ha ha Its hard to tell what they are saying on phone but my companions always make me practice calling people. A lot of the time I am like what……. can you repeat that!

Well until next week…

Love you all lots!


Hermana Brittany Polatis


Mi Zona


So I usually study with my blanket and socks and slippers and sometimes my sweat pants under my dress… ha ha. Its a lot colder here than I thought and I am really happy I brought warm clothes.




Me and Hermana Bautista


Me in front of a local painting… ha ha The other day this guy was painting this and we stopped and to him. I don`t really know what the painting is supposed to mean but yeah its funny… ha ha


Weekly Letter 6-13-2013:Agua Fría, New Companion, and trapped in the chapel!



Dear Family,


My week has been loco! Yup… So there we were just walking down the street. Going home after a really bad day of not finding anyone and there are the Elders from the office with a new north american missionary with them. Hermana Soliz this is your new companion! You leave to Huancayo tomorrow at six thirty am. Hermana Polatis, your new companion is Hermana Bautista! Uhhhh what!? Yeah I have a new companion and I think on Tuesday that I might be changing again. The mission is spliting this next week and like a billion Hermanas are coming in. I might or might not be in this mission…. Waiting to find out is kinda driving me crazy. What is going to happen next? There have been a lot of emergency transfers in the last few weeks. The mission is insane. I am not joking… ha ha but everything is good. Winter has hit Lima. I have been wearing my coat a lot. Usually its freezing in the morning and the night and perfect during the day. I never know whether to dress for warm or cold because it changes a lot. Our water heater thing wouldn´t work this week either so I am always cold and shower in the ice cold but it is fixed now! I have never been so grateful for hot water in my life!


I have been directing our area this past week. Its a pretty hard because my companion doesn´t know anything about this area and I have only been here 5 weeks. The first few days were kinda rough but it has been getting better. My companion is from Peru and has 9 months in the mission. She is really nice and pretty soft spoken. We get along great! On Tuesday after zone meeting we went to the bathroom and when we came out everyone was gone and everything was locked up. In Peru, all the chapels are gated with poky thorns at the top. We were totally locked in with no phone or anything. My idea was to jump it but my companion is a lot smarter than me and we called out to this lady passing in the street and asked if we could use her phone. I am pretty sure she thought we were crazy but let us borrow her cell phone. She just happens to be Jehovah´s Witness… Ha ha all the Elders were laughing at us that we got locked in. They had a member come get us out.


I haven´t told you guys about Juan. Juan is a recent convert that got baptised basically because he was in love with the sister missionary that taught him… And he is crazy. Like for real. Our conversations usually go like this…

Juan- Hermana I don´t want to go to church!

me- Hermano Juan! Por que!

Juan- I don´t know!

me- Por que?

Juan- I don´t know! because the devil is on my shoulder telling me not to.

me- Well I am the angel on the other shoulder! Telling you that you need to!


He really likes to talk about the devil. He told me that he is going to highlight everything about the devil in the scriptures in red! I told him that he better hightlight everything about Jesus in yellow. He also likes to talk about how he is going to be a hippy in Cali and do drugs and live the life. He is 47 years old and very strange. We visit him a lot because he wants us to and he is lonely because he doesn´t work but is at home all day.


Our investigators are good. Slowly progressing. Very slowly. Because everyone is always working and studying and all. They never have time. I am learning to have patience. Lots or patience.


Well until Monday!

Love you all a lot a lot!




Hermana Brittany Polatis

Weekly Letter 6-3-2013


Dear family,


This week I went through a training with the President… All the new missionaries went through it because a lot of us are going to be training next transfer. Which is in two weeks. The President asked me if I am ready… ha ha no… This is bad. I really hope I am not training next transfer. I am ok in my Spanish but there are still a lot of things that I don`t understand. These last two weeks of my training I am compañera mayor. I have to start making more of the decisions and what not. Its kinda stressful for me to think about.


Santa Felicia is good. We teach a lot of people in the temple grounds. On Saturday I saw my pensionista Lili and her family in the temple. i also saw some other people from the ward in Huanuco. It was great. So we keep meeting people on the street that want to get baptised! But none of them are in our area!!! Bah! But we have 5 investigators with baptismal date. The problem that we are experiencing here is trying to get investigators to church. Since I am in a very wealthy area, everyone is always studying and working and never home.


We are teaching this lady that is a buddhist and is crazy and never stops talking! Yesterday she came to church with us and we took her to the gospel doctrines class and she starts going off about reincarnation and karma. Ha ha the poor teacher! She likes to talk about miracles and the laying on of hands.


In the mission I kinda feel like stalker. Seriously… Remember the investigator I told you about before that is named Jorge. And we kept seeing him over and over again with his mother. Well we hadn´t seen him for awhile so I called him up and asked if he had time to talk with us. Well he didn´t show up to the temple where we planned to meet and we don`t know where he lives so we decided to go look for some people that were references. Well there we are just walking along and there he is! Ha ha I think that I thinks we are spys or stalkers or something because we always end up finding him and seeing him everywhere. But yeah I don´t know. He is kinda flaky and doesn´t show up to a lot of appointments so yeah…


Hopefully we are going to have a baptism on Sunday. It all depends if he shows up to church! His name is Abdon. I told you guys about him in my last letter. He is gold. He is praying and reading the book of mormon. Ha ha the first time he came to church was the funniest! He was terrified! We just need to find him some friends.


Oh and next week I won´t be writing till Thursday because my is going to the temple that day so they changed our p-day


Love you all!

Till next week



Hermana Brittany Polatis