Weekly Letter 5-27-2013: Santa Felicia


Dear Family,


And another week goes by… I got a ton of dear elders this week! I think they all built up and so I got them all at once. Thanks for writing me! I did hear about the passing of President Monson´s wife. So sad!


This week was just strange. Everyday is strange in the mission. Ha ha I feel like a horrible missionary sometimes. On Saturday we were helping a member with a birthday party for her 25 year old son. I asked her if I could help her with some of her bags. Ha ha I opened the bag and there is 2 bottles of booz… Ha ha no big deal. And on Sunday we eat with members. Well I thought we were going to their house when we enter this restaurant because they didn´t have time to make anything and were going to a party after. Ha ha just eating out on Sundays and carrying around alcohol for members. Excelente misionara! Not to give you a bad impression of the members here. But yeah a lot of people here are recent converts and so its a little akward sometimes… You don´t want to make them feel bad or anything but we are kinda here to cry repentance… oh bahhh…


We also meet people in strange ways. One night, on our way to a apt. we met Yuriko. I was off in my own world when my comp. stops and starts talking to this girl that we are passing. Turns out be a little miracle. She 19 years old, living alone in Lima because she studies here at the university. She basically starts bearing her soul to us about how she feels solo here and is really sad. Wants to go home but doesn´t want to go home because she is not happy there either. We ended up taking her to our apointment. We were going to a recent converts house. We taught her about the plan of salvation and our purpose here on earth. We also committed her to be baptised. She said yes! woohoo! She was an answer to our prayers and we were an answer to hers. Its a good thing my companion pays attention to the spirit because I have a really hard to paying attention in the street. This is what I need to work on. I am always in my own little world while we are walking along but if you pay attention God will put people in your path.


I can´t remember if I told you about Abdon. Abdon is 28 years old and we met him in the street too. He was way exited to talk to us! It is the best when people are exited to talk to you! But yeah we have had two lessons with him and he really wants to repent and change his life. He is awesome! He very humble and is aware of his sins and wants to be baptised too! We are starting to make progress here! My companion is really funny and great. A little trunky… with only 9 months in the mission but still works all the same. She always eats my fish for me and the other things I don´t like. I have found something I hate mor than fish! They are like olives but like a billion times stronger! I literaly can´t get them down my throat!


Until next week


Con mucho amor,


Hermana Polatis


P.S. Sorry for my spelling. I know its probably really bad. Spanish is really talking over my brain.




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