Weekly Email 5-6-2012: Passage of Gold!


Dear Family!



So its birthday this week! Thanks for the happy birthday wishes. I also get to call or skype on Sunday. If all goes well I want to skype but if not I will just call.


This week we have been focusing on finding new investigators. Its a goal of the zone. We really need to work harder in our zone because the President is annoyed because our numbers dropped from last year. So we trying a lot harder… One story about trying to find new investigators was with Wilmer. We met Wilmer while knocking on doors trying to find this older couple that is sick. We couldn`t find them but ended up meeting Wilmer, who was visiting is cousins. He actually lives way up on the mountain. We sat in the street and taught him the restoration. He really liked it and was receptive to our message. He said that we could come back and wanted us to meet his family too. He lives in a passage that we are unfamiliar with. So we took a member with us to help us find it. Also a lot of people don`t have numbers on their houses so its difficult to find. We walked around asking for about an hour with no luck. We went back to the members house to call him. He explained a little bit more and set out again. On our climb up we ended up running into his sister!! Coincidence… I think not. We asked her if she knew a Wilmer Santiago. Oh thats my brother!


So ended up teaching his whole family that day. We went back to teach another lesson yesterday and they were having a neighborhood meeting. Talking of all sorts of matters concerning the up keep of roads and what not. I was scared to walk up to them because there were so many people but when it looked like people were starting to disperse we walked up. And of coarse everyone is pointing and staring at the gringa! Ha ha thats why I was scared! I didn`t want everyone looking at me. But oh my gosh! We got so many references. People started asking about who we were and where I was from. It went from there. We introduced ourselves and the church. A lot of people said that we could come back and visit them. They said that missionaries had never come there way before! Passage of Gold! We have found a lot of new people to teach. God leads you where you need to go without you even realizing it till afterward.


Love you all!

Till Sunday!



Hermana Brittany Polatis


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