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Weekly Letter 5-27-2013: Santa Felicia


Dear Family,


And another week goes by… I got a ton of dear elders this week! I think they all built up and so I got them all at once. Thanks for writing me! I did hear about the passing of President Monson´s wife. So sad!


This week was just strange. Everyday is strange in the mission. Ha ha I feel like a horrible missionary sometimes. On Saturday we were helping a member with a birthday party for her 25 year old son. I asked her if I could help her with some of her bags. Ha ha I opened the bag and there is 2 bottles of booz… Ha ha no big deal. And on Sunday we eat with members. Well I thought we were going to their house when we enter this restaurant because they didn´t have time to make anything and were going to a party after. Ha ha just eating out on Sundays and carrying around alcohol for members. Excelente misionara! Not to give you a bad impression of the members here. But yeah a lot of people here are recent converts and so its a little akward sometimes… You don´t want to make them feel bad or anything but we are kinda here to cry repentance… oh bahhh…


We also meet people in strange ways. One night, on our way to a apt. we met Yuriko. I was off in my own world when my comp. stops and starts talking to this girl that we are passing. Turns out be a little miracle. She 19 years old, living alone in Lima because she studies here at the university. She basically starts bearing her soul to us about how she feels solo here and is really sad. Wants to go home but doesn´t want to go home because she is not happy there either. We ended up taking her to our apointment. We were going to a recent converts house. We taught her about the plan of salvation and our purpose here on earth. We also committed her to be baptised. She said yes! woohoo! She was an answer to our prayers and we were an answer to hers. Its a good thing my companion pays attention to the spirit because I have a really hard to paying attention in the street. This is what I need to work on. I am always in my own little world while we are walking along but if you pay attention God will put people in your path.


I can´t remember if I told you about Abdon. Abdon is 28 years old and we met him in the street too. He was way exited to talk to us! It is the best when people are exited to talk to you! But yeah we have had two lessons with him and he really wants to repent and change his life. He is awesome! He very humble and is aware of his sins and wants to be baptised too! We are starting to make progress here! My companion is really funny and great. A little trunky… with only 9 months in the mission but still works all the same. She always eats my fish for me and the other things I don´t like. I have found something I hate mor than fish! They are like olives but like a billion times stronger! I literaly can´t get them down my throat!


Until next week


Con mucho amor,


Hermana Polatis


P.S. Sorry for my spelling. I know its probably really bad. Spanish is really talking over my brain.




Weekly email 5-20-2013:


Dear family,


Mom and Nicole and Alanna! I got my birthday packages this week! Thank you Thank you!! I love everything! Especially the calender! ha ha I spent forever laughing at all the pictures! I love you guys! You are the best!


Ha ha its funny because Nathan and I seem to be in the same situations. He mentioned in his letter last week about not having water. Well we haven´t had water or light in our apt. for two days now. But I think they are working on getting it fixed. We have a lot of stored water though and flashlights. Ha ha so its been interesting… Also simular to Nathan we got asked to talk 5 right before the sacrament because one of the speakers didn´t show up. I did ok but ha ha… yeah… Its hard because I feel like I never really know what I am saying and then my mind goes blank. One thing I have learned from the mission is not to be embarrassed. Just go with it. I feel like everyday is crazy in the mission! Ha ha its kinda fun to be an american here.


Yeah, but this week was ok. Its hard to get investigators to progress here. They are always busy studying and working and are never at home when they say that they will be. But what was awesome this week is the the missionaries from the CCM came and worked in our area on Saturday for about 4 hours. We have a lot of new references to work with and some of the missionaries even taught a few lessons! So that was fun!


We got a call at ten-thirty at night saying that an Hermana was going to be staying with us of a few days. She didn´t get to our apartment till twelve-thirty in the morning. Her name is Hermana Johnson. Fresh from the Provo MTC. She was with us for 2 days and left this morning. Poor girl had to live in our apt. with no light!


Something cool that happened this week was with one of our investigators Jorge. We met Jorge on my brithday! We met him in the street and taught him a short lesson in the park. He didn´t show up to our next appiontment in the park and we were kinda bummed. But then we saw him in the street with his mom. He kinda ignored us and was in a hurry and shook our hands and left. Then we saw him 2 days later again with his mother!! But again he barely acknowledged us. But we were like its a sign!!!! 3 times we see this person! So we called him later in the day and immediatly he asked if we could meet with him. We went to the temple and taught him in the visitors center. It was a really great lesson and he agreed to be baptised. He didn´t show up to church this Sunday and his phone was turned off but hopefully things will work out! I don´t think it was by luck that we saw him 3 times. If there is one thing that I have learned its that God puts people in your path. A lot of time its kinda hard not to be discouarged because no one is progressing and yeah but something good always happens everyday to keep our spirits up.


Thats my week! Kinda crazy! I love you all!


Hermana Polatis!


Hermana Soliz and me


Hermana Soliz and me

Weekly Email 5-13-2013: Santa Felicia


Dear Family,


Sorry about last night. The bishop got stuck in traffic and wasn´t there for me to use his skype and I was kinda stressed trying to figure out how to tell you all that I couldn´t and needed to change the time. But I am exited to talk to you tonight!


On Monday night I got the call that I was being transferred! To Santa Felicia, La Molina, Lima . I was told that I was leaving the next morning at eight thirty in the morning and to hurry and pack. My companion and I were both really shocked! Usually you are trained by the same person for the total 3 months and we didn´t think that the changed would affect us. I was really sad. Especially since my birthday was on Wednesday. We both cried a little bit! Huanuco is the best and I was really sad to leave our investigators and the members there. So Tuesday I spend the whole day on the bus and arrived in Lima that night. My area is beautiful. I live 8 minutes from the temple and walk by it mulitiple times a day. I am in a very wealthy area. It couldn´t be more different from Huanuco! My pensionist is the Bishop´s wife. Their house is across from the temple. Its really wierd trying to adjust to the change. Its very different here. The people are not as humble and willing to listen. I go from the dirt poor people in Huanuco to sitting in rich and fine dining rooms. Its wierd. Ha ha it has kinda been rough. But nevertheless, I like my new area and ward. A lot of the teachers that work in the CCM are in this ward so its kinda nice to know someone.


My birthday was good! I ate lots of cake. The hermanas in my zone bought my some cake and later we had tres leches at the Bishop´s and they sang me happy birthday in english. Before I left Huanuco too. Hermana Lili and her family sang me happy birthday and all gave me little speechs. They also bought me cake for the road. So it was good!


Haha there are some strange people in Lima! There is a crazy lady that walks around with her crazy hair! She is not all there is the brain. I think she is posessed by the devil. She pointed at me all creepy and basically said YOU ARE NOT OF OUR KIND! ahhhhh… She hissed it all creepy like. Ha ha and some loco kissed Hermana Soliz on the cheek and was kissing our hands! She was freaking out and I was laughing my head off and then we ran away. Oh yeah I forgot. My companion is Hermana Soliz. She is from Bolivia. She is way cool! We are a lot like. She likes art and music and finished her degree in architecture. Well I will talk to you more tonight! Loves,


Hermana Brittany Polatis


Lili and her family. The best family in Huanuco! Our sad goodbye at the bus station. They came to set me off and sing me happy Birthday.


Weekly Email 5-6-2012: Passage of Gold!


Dear Family!



So its birthday this week! Thanks for the happy birthday wishes. I also get to call or skype on Sunday. If all goes well I want to skype but if not I will just call.


This week we have been focusing on finding new investigators. Its a goal of the zone. We really need to work harder in our zone because the President is annoyed because our numbers dropped from last year. So we trying a lot harder… One story about trying to find new investigators was with Wilmer. We met Wilmer while knocking on doors trying to find this older couple that is sick. We couldn`t find them but ended up meeting Wilmer, who was visiting is cousins. He actually lives way up on the mountain. We sat in the street and taught him the restoration. He really liked it and was receptive to our message. He said that we could come back and wanted us to meet his family too. He lives in a passage that we are unfamiliar with. So we took a member with us to help us find it. Also a lot of people don`t have numbers on their houses so its difficult to find. We walked around asking for about an hour with no luck. We went back to the members house to call him. He explained a little bit more and set out again. On our climb up we ended up running into his sister!! Coincidence… I think not. We asked her if she knew a Wilmer Santiago. Oh thats my brother!


So ended up teaching his whole family that day. We went back to teach another lesson yesterday and they were having a neighborhood meeting. Talking of all sorts of matters concerning the up keep of roads and what not. I was scared to walk up to them because there were so many people but when it looked like people were starting to disperse we walked up. And of coarse everyone is pointing and staring at the gringa! Ha ha thats why I was scared! I didn`t want everyone looking at me. But oh my gosh! We got so many references. People started asking about who we were and where I was from. It went from there. We introduced ourselves and the church. A lot of people said that we could come back and visit them. They said that missionaries had never come there way before! Passage of Gold! We have found a lot of new people to teach. God leads you where you need to go without you even realizing it till afterward.


Love you all!

Till Sunday!



Hermana Brittany Polatis