Weekly Email 4-29-2013


Dear family,

WOW what a week. Planning a wedding is extremely difficult here in Peru. Trying to get the proper documents ready and get in contact with the right people. People not answering their phones and letting us down. This week we focused all our attention on mostly getting Edwin and Marlene married and then baptised. Edwin and Marlene have lived together for 15 years and have 7 children. The oldest in 12 and the youngest is 3 months. They are very poor and live in a one room house way up on the mountain. Quite the hike to get to their house. This wedding was literally a miracle! I am telling you. Everything that could possibly go wrong did. And in Peru people are not exactly on time for anything. I am talking like an hour or two late. The lady that was supposed to decorate for the wedding was an hour and a half late and everything was in crazyness! But it happened and we are so happy and they are so happy! Yesterday they were baptised. 3 of their children are baptised and the others are too young. But they are on their way to being a forever family. It is amazing to see the change that takes place when people hear the gospel and apply it. Marlene looks so much happier. Her very countance. In our first lessons with her she always looked like she was about to cry.
We also had another baptism this week. Miceala is a single mother with a six year old daughter. She has a member friend and thats how we got introduced to her. She accepted everything we taught her immediately and was ready to be baptised very quickly! She bore her testimony after her baptism and it almost made me want to cry.
This week was very exhausting but we seeing the fruits of our labor and seeing the lives of people change. I also had a interview with the President this week and I expressed a lot of my worries and concerns to him. He had me bear my testimony and told me that is all I need to get me through. He said that he could feel my testimony and that is all need. The Spanish will come in time. Our testimonies are what give us the strength to do the things that feel impossible. As Kurt wrote to me, the Lord calls us to do the things that we feel that are beyond our capacity but at the same time he gives us the strength to do it. All we need is to be obedient and follow blindly in faith. My companion has only been in the mission for 4 months and me only 5 weeks but yet things are working out for us and we have had 5 baptisms this  month. My companion keeps saying that I will train someone else when I get done with my training because there are a lot of Hermanas coming. I really hope that is not true… ha ha.
Love you all!
Hermana Polatis
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