Weekly email 4-22-2013: Stairs


Dear family,

As Nathan said in his letter. It seems like the U.S. is taking a hit right now. People talk about the United States a lot here.  A few people have told me that they want to come back with me ha ha. Including the brother that I told you about before that is looking for a american wife. Oh no! The good thing is that I can pretend like I don´t understand what he is talking about ha ha. His name is Hermano John this week he gave us like 6 references and is a big help in the work but he is very very passionate and crys a lot in our lessons. Goes off on big tangents but we have to be patient with him because he has been a big help to us. The members here have given us a lot of rederences and go on visits with us. We have a lot of new investigators! That we barely have time to teach. Today is our p day but we appointments!
Everyday we climb up the mountain. Stairs, stairs, and more stairs. Its exhausting but at least I won´t get fat ha ha! They feed a lot here so at least I can work it off! We walk a lot or take little motors. The mission is awesome but hard. I have seen countless people break down in tears, people on their death beds, and the hardships and poverty of the people in Peru. The people here are so receptive to the gospel and religion in general. They are a very humble and loving people. We committed 4 or 5 people to baptism last week and they all said yes. People are very willing to believe and hear the word of God here.
We taught a lady this week named Alejandrina. We asked her about the times that she has felt the love of God in her life. She told us about a time when she was is the jungle with her baby. It was a time of war and there were terrorists in the Jungle. She got held at gun point with her child. At that moment she prayed to God to save her. She didn´t get shot. When the general asked the terrorist why he didn´t shoot her he said I couldn´t and I don´t know why. God does answer prayers. He has answered many of mine since I have been here and my testimony grows stronger everyday. The spanish is coming little by little. I am starting to participate and teach more in lessons. The conference with Elder Zivic was really good. I sang in it and now at this moment the Elders are singing to me, come thou font, trying to distract me from writing this letter!
I love you all! Make it a great week!
Hermana Polatis



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