Weekly Email 4-15-2013: Slug bug, slug bug, what color?


Dear family,

And another week goes by… There happens to be a lot of slug bugs here in Huanuco. I don`t know why but we see them everywhere. But they call them frogs here. We have a contest to see who can see them first and punch each other. frog red! ha ha what we do to entertain ourselves in the streets. We had two baptisms this week!! Deysi, 12 years old and her brother Dayer, 8 years old. Their parents aren`t members and didn`t come to the baptism but are still supportive, none the less. We have taught their mother twice and I think she is very interested and thinks its very good for her children. She always laughs at me and says oh gringrita! ha ha. Yeah I get that a lot here. They are a very poor family. We had our pensionista make them a cake and gave Desyi two skirts for church. Desyi was very exited about the skirts and their younger brothers and sisters were thrilled about the cake. Its a big deal for them to have something like that.
This week a general authority is coming. Elder Civic of the seventy. Elder Bednar is coming to Lima but since I am way out in the boonies I can`t go. Sad but Elder Zivic will be really cool. Some missionaries in my zone put together a choir for the conference on Wednesday and we have a lady from one of the wards helping us. Some how I am now singing a duet with Elder Morrow, the first verse of come thou font… I guess I am a better singer than I thought. I am kinda nervous. There will be about 50 missionaries there. ahhhh. We have also had to do a lot of studying and preparation for the conference with Elder Zivic. He is also doing a special conference with new members and investigators. We are exited!
Thanks for your Dear Elders! I got them this week! I don`t have as long to write this week so I got to go!
Love you all! Congrats Keshia and Juan on your new house. Send pictures ok!
Hermana Polatis

Our Baptism this week! Desyi, Dayer, Bishop Omar Luna, me, and Hermana Camones.


The view from my window. However, this view is about to change. We have to switch apartments because we have to have our own entrance and right now we go through the members house to get to our room.


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