Weekly Email 4-8-2013


Dear family!

Another week goes by! Peru is great. Very different but I am getting used to it. We have a lot of great investigators! We got 10 of our investigators to come to conference on Sunday! We were only able to go to one session because we had appointments and a service project. Plus we brought all these little kids to conference. Some of them our investigators and they wouldn`t leave me alone and it was in Spanish so if you could send me some quotes and talks through dear elder I would love it!
On Saturday we did service for one of our investigators, Marleni. She has 7 kids all under 12. We helped her do laundry. No one here has a washing machine or dryer. We did everything by hand. It was killer work and I got sun burnt. She asked me if I knew how to wash clothes by hand and if i had a machine at home. I almost felt guilty saying yes… People here don`t have alot. Its a humbling experinence and makes you realize that you have a lot to be grateful for.
We had a good week. I got to commit a lot of people to baptism. The Gamara Family all committed to be bapitised on the 20th. Carmen, Daniel, and their daughter Galizet. The problem here is that no body is married!!! So we have to help them get married too. We also have to other couples that are trying to work with. Their family is really great! We also have quite of a few kids we are teaching. The kids here love the missionaries. The people here are very open and friendly. They also really like to talk. Its kinda a problem because we miss appointments sometimes or are late. Its hard to cut them off and say we need to go. One of the members here went off on how he dreams of going to the U.S. and marrying an american…. uhhhhhh. The guys here are a little creepy. Or a lot creepy. I can`t go anywhere without creeper guys whistling or saying creepy things to me. But don`t worry ignore them and walk fast and they leave you alone.
I started teaching english this week. I have a class every thursday for an hour. Mostly little children and its hard to keep their attention. So if you have any ideas or activities I can do with them it would be much appreciated! Learning english is important because it helps them get better jobs and helps them get out of poverty.
My pensionistas family says hi by the way. Lili cooks excellent food. I eat a lot of rice, fried  bananas, eggs, and meat. And did you know that they put eggs on their hamburgers here? Its actually pretty good. I am doing well. Its hard because of the language but its coming along.
Love you all!
Hermana Brittany Polatis
Our almost baptism. Freddy and my Companion Hermana Camones.





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