Weekly Email 4-1-2013: Huanuco and our almost baptism


My dearest family!



Its been a good first week! Sounds like you all have been busy and having lots of fun! I wish I could have been there for Darci`s program!! But yeah anyway. I am in Huanuco, Peru. Way up in mountains. It is very very beautiful here. I am surrounded by green mountains. My first day in the mission I walked across the street of the ccm to the chapel. I know… really far away. We woke up a 5 to be there. I met President Ardilla and his wife. They are awesome! The president does speak a little english. Enough where we can communicate. The first day we spend totally in the capilla for training. Longest day of my entire life plus the food made me sick again the night before so it was a really hard day for me plus everything was in Spanish. I did have another Elder translate for me.


My companion is Hermana Camones! She is from Peru. The northern part. Can´t remember what it is called. She is great. Doesn´t know very much english. Huanuco is 8 hours from Lima. But that 8 hours ended up taking 13 hours… Not fun. We rode on this massive 2 story bus. Plus the altitude change made me really sick. The whole time we just went up and up and up and around mountain after mountain. It was snowing in some parts and the traffic was at a stand still but then we hit a point where is was flooded and couldn´t pass. You have to take a pill before you leave to your body adjust to the change. We got in at 1 in the morning. Quite the journey. That was my first two days. Not so good but since then much better.


I have a pensionista that I go and eat all my meals at her house. Her name is Lili and she is probably the nicest person I know! She says hi by the way. Her family is also amazing! They are all crazy and loud and like to make of me. One of her sons know some English and helps me translate and practice spanish. I help him with his English. They are the best. Literally my angels here. Lili says that she is my second mother. So don`t worry mom I am being taken care of. The food here is awesome! Everything is so good.


I am constantly stared at here. There are no white people here… I get called gringa, goldy, and one of the sisters here told me I look like a barbie…. ha ha. Little girls pet skin and play with my hair. Ha ha… Your so white!! Part of my area here is flat and the other part is staight uphill. I have climbed the steepest stairs and hills here. I am going to have serious leg muscles! There are a lot of members and investigators on the hills. Thats where more of the poor people live.


We were supposed to have a baptism on Saturday but it didn´t happen. His name is Freddy and he is 8. His parents are not members but his siblings got baptised a few weeks ago. He was literaly in the font!!!! He was too scared of the water and no one could convince him to do it and that he would be fine. oh boy! He just needs time. We are teaching a little 12 year old girl named Desy and her famiy. The Gamara family. Parents and one daughter. We also work a lot with recent converts. I will tell you more later! They are all wonderful and try to include me in their conversations. I am learning extremely fast! I can understand a lot but its hard to say.


I love you all so much! Thank you for your letters!



Hermana Polatis


The first pic is my apartment. I live above some recent converts. They own the building and rent out the rooms.

The internet is slow here and won´t load my pictures very fast so I will have to do it next week. I will send one of my companion and some of Huanuco!


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