Weekly email 3-18-2013: My last week!


Dearest family!

Thank you for your letters! Good to know that you are all doing well. This is my last week here. I leave on Tuesay morning to the mission field. But for me its only a little drive away since I am already in the mission. I have mixed feelings about leaving but I am way exited to get out of grammer classes. Not too much went on this past week. It was kinda a rough week for my companion and I. We both kinda just want to get out of here. I hope this last week goes by fast. We had a member of the seventy come on Sunday. His name is Elder Nash. He and his wife both gave really good talks about leaving everything in the mission field. Giving it all that you have so that by the time you get home you have no regrets. You can honestly say that you gave God all you had.


Our investigators like to play jokes on us a lot. Like our investigator Marina. We taught her the law of chastity and then the next lesson she told us that she was pregnant and really happy about it. As we are fumbling around trying to figure out what is going on, she bursts out laughing and says she is joking. I think our teachers get bored of being our investigators and like to make it a little more interesting for themselves. They also like to get really off topic. Marina keeps trying to hook me up with her friend, that apparently is very nice looking. I love my teachers. They are the best!


Today we went to the temple as usual and they give us about an hour to go shopping. Its been a pretty chill day but now its time for more class.

Love you all,

Hermana Brittany Polatis



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