Weekly e-mail 3-12-2013


Dear family,

Time seems to be passing by quicker than normal. I feel like I just barely wrote you. I only have 14 more days in the MTC and they are sending me out into the real world. This week has been pretty good. We went out tracting again on Saturday. It wasn´t quite as good as last time. My companion was really shy and then there is me that can barely speak Spanish. Seriously, I felt like she hide behind me. I would start to walk up to someone to talk to them and she would slow down and be behind me. Or if we were knocking on the door I made her come up to the door step by me because she would always hang back. Once you get her talking to people she is fine and will talk a lot but it was really frustrating to me that she hang back so much. I feel like it made us look like a bunch of scared, akward girls. Plus this time we didn´t have a guide or a teacher with us this time. Maybe it was good though that she was more shy because I did talk a lot more this time. I usually introduced us but its hard because the people talk so fast in Lima. All the words slurrrrrr together. My teachers here try to pronouce their words and talk a little slower for us. I don´t want it to sound as if it was a bad experience because it was still good despite everything. It was just harder. It really is important to be a bold, friendly missionary. We talked to quite a few really cool people. We talked to these two men that were working on a car out in the street and they just stopped and listened and we gave both a book of mormon and got their information. They knew of some Mormons but no one had ever shared with them about the gospel. We also talked to this girl that already had a book of mormon but we invited her to church. Its really funny to go tracting. You get a lot of cat calls and creepy people looking at you. You have to be careful of the men. Especially since I am white. I get a lot of stares.

This weekI spoke in church. My first talk in Spanish! I don´t know if it made a lot of sense but I tried. I have a calling now too. I am the sister´s cordinator. So basically in charge of the sisters in my ward. Sorta like being a relief society pres. I just make sure people are following the rules and make sure they are ok. Plus I get to go to a few extra meeting on Sunday. Can I just also say how weird it is not to have a phone. Seriously, at the beginning of every meeting I freak out because I forgot to turn my cell phone off. Or through out the day I just keep thinking I need to put my phone on silent. Its great not having a phone actually but I still always get those thoughts!

So every Sunday here we watch church movies and at least 2 apostle devotionals that were recorded in the Provo MTC. Watching them is probably my favorite part of the week. Its nice be able to just sit back and watch something. Not have to worry about preparing lessons and practicing Spanish. This week we watched one by D. Todd Christofferson. He went to Argentina on his Mission and spent 3 months in the MTC learning Spanish and he got off the plane and couldn´t speak a word. He had to same worries and concerns about learning a language as we do. He said he would try so hard to listen that it would give him a headache. Thats exactly how I feel most of the time. Especially since everyone talks so fast. It was kinda a reminder to me that I shouldn´t be so concerned or worried about not nothing enough because I do know enough and it comes little by little. The Lord will never let his words fall to the ground. He will make us eloquent in speaking even if you just speaking your native language. He said you wonder if you can do it. Well, you can.

These simple reminders that we can do it are really important. It helps keep your faith going strong.

love you all, make your week great. Create your own weather!

Hermana Brittany Polatis


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