Second letter from the MTC! 2-19-2013


Dearest Family!

Thank you so much for writing me! It has made my day to read all your letters. I only have a half an hour to email so if I will try to answer some of them but if I don´t know I love you!


Ha ha I was so confused when I got here but things straightened out after that. It is more relaxed here though. I was a little behind schedule so they rushed to get me registered and everything. My companion is Sister Killian from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is the one I have been talking to on facebook. She is really fun and outgoing. I am glad that we are companions. I share a room with 5 other girls. 4 of them being latinas. They only speak spanish so its kinda hard to talk to them but they are really nice and I like them a lot. Everyone here is so awesome. A few interesting facts for you. There are 92 missionaries here currently but the mtc or ccm as we call it can hold about 176 but that would be packed. There are only 5 north american girls and about 30 north american elders. The rest latinos. We are the second group to come in that hasn´t gone to Provo first. The first group came about 3 weeks before us. So they are not quite used to having people that pretty much speak no Spanish. The CCM has 3 buildings. All are pretty small. We are 15 girls on our floor and only 3 showers… no bueno… ha ha but it works out. We have a sand volleyball pit, a turf soccer field, a basketball court, and some ping pong tables outside that we use for physical activity. There is no indoor gym or anything


So I go to class with my district. We have six people in our district. 4 elders and 2 hermanas. We have the best teachers ever! I love them! Sister Cabello always says to me Ohhhhhhh Sister Polaties!!!! She thinks I am weird. No one can say my name here so I just tell them that they can call me Hermana Polaties.So the North Americans have there own branch here . Well we have one Australian but but they just call our group the north americans. Our Sunday meetings are in English. But when we prepare talks they are supposed to be as much in Spanish as we can. I have to teach Sunday school next week but in English! Sunday is awesome because its such a much needed break from Spanish. I


This first week was been tough. When I first got I was like oh my gosh! Why did they send me here? I understand nothing but I have gotten used to it. I really love it here! It is amazing how fast we are learning. I have taught three lessons in spanish. We use a little English but try to do it in mostly Spanish. It is so hard! One of my investigators is my teacher. I have learned how to pray, greet, bear my testimony and make small talk with people. Plus other phrases for our lessons. Time flys by so fast here. It gets discouraging at times. Especially by the end of the day! Your brain is just fried. I try to talk to the latinos when I have the chance at meals and stuff. And oh did I mention the food? Its really good. Same things that we eat in the U.S. but prepared differently. Lunch and dinner we always have rice, potatoes, and meat. Always those three. That is like all they eat here. And the juice is so good! It tastes like fresh out of the juicer! I am addicted! Pineapple and pear and orange! So good! Sunday night I got very sick. What they call travelers sickness. Your stomach has to get used to the bacteria here and I spent they night in the bathroom… The next morning I was still very sick and energy drained so I got put on a water diet. Yesterday I couldn´t eat anything but I am feeling better today. I was able to get up and go to class and I just stuck through it. God really does give you strength to do hard things. I never thought I would be able to do this before but here I am!


Sometimes it gets very discouraging and I wonder how it possible to learn Spanish this quickly. They put alot of pressure on us but yet they are very encouraging. My teacher told us that God trusts us. He sent us here for a reason. He knew that we had the ability and skill to be able to learn the language. He has confidence in us and we need to have confidence in ourselves.


Darci!!! Congrats on winning state! I am so proud! Nicole, woohoo! That girl got baptised! Arla right?


I love you guys a lot!!




Hermana Polatis



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